“Songs about You” available now on bandcamp.com

Why "Songs About You"?

3 reasons:

    First, there is a specific 'you' that many of the songs are (at least partly) about. She knows who she is.

    Second, I noticed that I have a tendency to write in the second person, to address my lyrics to a "you."  I have many of these silent conversations/arguments/screaming matches/sweet nothing sessions in my head, and I guess songwriting is my way of getting them into the real world.

    The third reason is a bit of wishful thinking: one of the ways I judge a great song from a good one from a mediocre one is the degree to which I hear it and think, "My god... this song is about me."  For all our differences, there's something true and connected about all of us, and when a work of art really catches a hint of reality, people recognize themselves.  I hope, at least some of the time, that you'll listen to these songs and realize they're about you.


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